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Hello, and thank you for visiting my revamped website and blog! For those of you who are visiting here for the first time, welcome, and thank you! My name is Rachele. I am an artist from Providence, Rhode Island, and a proud graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design. I am a mama to a beautiful little girl, Morganne. I am always in an ocean state-of-mind, love that I can live close to the sea!

I am currently revising my website offline! Last update was 2/2015, and it is time for an update! I can't wait to share what I have been working on!

I am so happy that you are joining me here on this web-journey depicting my life through painting, writing, and photography of all that is important to me: art, family, healthy living, yoga, good food and good friends. I feel inspired every day to create and to share that creative spark with those around me, and I thank you for coming to share in that journey with me!

I work primarily in oil or watercolor. Safe studio practices are of an utmost concern to me, and I have spent years researching the best and safest ways to practice my art from within my home studio where my daughter also plays and creates. I only use the best professional paint supplies, and all of it is non-toxic and safe-- with every paint I purchase to use, I do so with the knowledge that if my little girl was to accidentally ingest it for any reason, she would not be harmed or get sick in any way; and also in the disposal of said paints, that the environment will also not be harmed. I use no harmful solvents of any kind while painting; I wash my oil brushes with baby oil and never wash my paints down the sink--instead I pour each day's waste into a bucket of all-natural kitty litter and at the end of each month take it to the eco-depot at my town dump for safe disposal (even though there are no harmful chemicals or toxic minerals in any of my paint, I still practice this way of painting). It is a cause near and dear to my heart - healthy paint practices = healthy living = healthy air = healthy soil = healthy paintings = healthy and happy mama painter and healthy and happy collectors!

You can feel confident when purchasing one of my artworks that the art is archivally sound, with no unsafe paints or chemicals used, and no harmful volatile organic compounds will be released or off-gassed from it. Hang your new work with confidence in its safety around your children, knowledge that your artist created this piece with health and environmental safety as the utmost priority, and enjoy your new work for years to come as I follow all archival recommendations to make sure your art looks as fresh in forty years as it does the day you hang it for the first time.

I look forward to you coming back here to read more on my life illuminated through painting!

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