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Early Still Life Set Up

“Early Still Life Set Up”

Revamping my website has propelled me to look through my archives, which has been enlightening and a real trip down good ol' memory lane. This photo was taken of an early still-life set up, from my studio at 560 Mineral Spring in Pawtucket. (Such an awesome place).

I started creating still lifes my senior year at RISD, and I haven't stopped since. The same characters still thrive in the still life of 2015- the same ones you see here in this photo (except of course the fresh produce with its cute little leaf). In these still lifes are Playboy playmates from the 1960's and 1970's (such natural beauties), and these gorgeous nymphs frolic amongst various scenes created from pieces of colorful drawings placed this way and that, photographs and old Polaroids of the highway and sides of the road in Rhode Island, bottles catching studio light, and objects that I hold dear to me as the pack rat that I am by nature such as my grandfather’s pocket knife or the silver mediation balls that used to scatter my childhood home. Every day that I drive to my day job on the highway, I fancy that I see these beautiful creatures just hanging out like in Manet’s “Luncheon on the Grass”, doing yoga poses and drinking wine by the overpass near Exit 16 to Route 10 in Providence.

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